Kidzcare Feedback Policy

The Key Objectives of our policy are:

  • Ease of access for parents/children for complainants
  • Simple procedures
  • Improvement to services
  • Fairness for staff and complainants alike
  • Speedy, open and honest processes
  • Satisfaction on the complainant


Local resolution
We aim to resolve your complaints quickly and fairly by Local resolution.


Who can make a complaint?
Any person who is currently or has been a client of Kidzcare. A relative or friend can also complain on your behalf.


Will my service be affected if I make a complaint?
No. Customer service is our key objective.


How do I make a complaint?
You can complain in person or over the telephone. You can also write a letter to:

Kidzcare Ltd
Norwood House
9 Kilgraston Road

You can complain to any member of staff. If you wish to complain to someone who is not directly responsible for your care, you may contact the Care Inspectorate:

Care Inspectorate
3C & D South
Victoria Quay
Enquiries: 0345 600 9527


What are the time limits for me to make a complaint?
You should make your complaint as soon as possible. The time limit for making a complaint is 6 months. Depending upon the circumstances, this time limit may be extended for a further 6 months.


What will happen once I have complained?
Complaints made in person should be resolved on the spot or within 2 working days. If this is not possible, Kidzcare will make an initial acknowledgement to you within 3 working days. Formal written complaints will be acknowledged within 3 working days. A full investigation and resolution of all types of complaints should be within 20 working days. You will be kept fully informed of the progress of your complaint, and once investigated; you will be informed of the outcome.


How quickly can I expect my complaint to be resolved?
We aim to resolve your complaints as quickly as possible. We aim to resolve most complaints within 20 working days. If the details of the complaint are complex, the investigation may take longer. You will be kept fully informed of progress.


What should I do if I am not happy with the way my complaint has been handled? You may ask for the Care Inspectorate to look into your complaint. The request for this should be made within 20 working days from the completion of the initial investigation.


If my complaint goes to a Review Panel, what will happen? You will be contacted by one of the Convenors to discuss your complaint. He/She will also meet with the staff involved. The Convenor then decides whether it is appropriate and constructive to take your complaint to the Review Panel.


How long does the Review Panel stage take?
The period required for a decision to convene an Independent Review Panel should not exceed 4 weeks from the date of the Convenor’s receipt of the complainant’s request.


What is the purpose of the Panel?
The Review Panel considers the complaint and will investigate the facts of the case taking into account the views of both sides. The Review Panel then sets out its conclusions in a written report.


If I am still not happy after the Review Panel decision, what should I do?
Write to the Care Inspectorate at the address given above.

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